e3 Hub is a multidisciplinary platform for knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer in the field of business energy management. Its research and activities are geared toward helping leaders take on the challenge of energy management innovation by gleaning inspiration from industry best practices and by developing their own strategies in their respective businesses.

By combining the expertise of HEC Montréal professors with the expertise of practitioners, e3 Hub strives to offer an exceptional platform for networking, in addition to enabling HEC Montréal to offer training that is truly in tune with business needs. The collaborative research and activities that emerge from these partnerships will be published, incorporated into training seminars, or transferred directly to businesses that are in need of expertise.



The mission of e3 Hub is to identify and transfer best practices associated with integrating sustainable development and energy management into business’s culture and management.


Action areas

The aim of e3 Hub is to create tangible benefits for all its partners. To do so, it provides access to knowledge and knowledge sharing, actively focuses on new issues facing the energy sector, and puts forward management approaches that are both practical and feasible. Its activities centre on four action areas, namely 1) applied research; 2) training; 3) knowledge transfer; and 4) networking.

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1. Applied Research

Applied research seeks to identify and generate knowledge on issues directly related to a given business partner’s energy management. This research may take the form of a case study, review of best practices, internal assessment, support or recommendation.

2. Training

e3 Hub offers training activities to enable its partners to apply exemplary practices in energy management. These activities are intended for business leaders, practitioners, executives and managers. e3 Hub develops this training based on applied research that is designed in collaboration with its partners. Training participants gain knowledge of energy management based on their level of experience and the issues of particular interest to them.

3. Knowledge Transfer

e3 Hub fosters the transfer of knowledge and skills between academics and practitioners. Its partnerships offer an opportunity to advance and add value to the work of e3 Hub researchers or to transfer the organization’s information and knowledge to the field, depending on the specific needs of partners.

4. Networking

e3 Hub offers exceptional access to the university network, to partner businesses and to the talent pool of tomorrow. Activities such as seminars, workshops and research projects enable two-way information exchanges in order to accelerate the adoption of best practices in sustainability and energy management.