e3 Hub is always looking for member partners who stand out as energy management leaders in various industry sectors. Membership is limited to one leader per sector in order to minimize competition issues and to maximize information exchanges and knowledge transfer. Partner businesses of e3 Hub contribute to the organization’s success by sharing their knowledge and resources and by taking part in specific projects. Thanks to these collaborative initiatives, e3 Hub is able to create tangible benefits for all its partners.

e3 Hub offers its partners the following services:

  • Identifying and performing applied research directly related to the partner’s needs
  • Holding training sessions, workshops and knowledge transfer activities to enable partners to implement exemplary energy management practices
  • Finding concrete solutions thanks to work sessions on themes suggested by partners
  • Providing access to the university network, to partner businesses and to the talent pool of tomorrow

Sample themes of partner projects:

  • Barriers and facilitators associated with energy efficiency investments (CAPEX)
  • Changes in business culture associated with sustainable development practices
  • Environmental footprint measurement in transport logistics
  • Evaluation of good human resources practices for sustainable development integration
  • Innovation and energy management
  • Social acceptability and relationships with First Nations

For more information, please contact Sophie Tessier, codirector of e3 Hub.