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The mission of e3 Hub is to identify and transfer knowledge and best practices associated with integrating sustainable development and energy management to various audiences. This mandate is based on several strategic axes, in particular research and training. It should also be noted that the e3 Hub relies not only on academic resources at HEC Montréal, but also develops collaborations with various organizations to carry out its mission.


Research – Strategic axes

When the e3 Hub was created in 2010, our main research focus was to identify and understand the strategies and best practices of companies that have energy management as a strategic matter. We have launched several research projects on various topics to develop knowledge that could be transferred, either in publications, educational resources, or training. Our “level of analysis” was the business (micro level), and our “time orientation” was present (current).

Our strategy continues to evolve: we now have a complementary strategy, which adds a future time orientation (prospective) and a more macro level of analysis (energy sector as a whole), and which also allows us to compare EE with other energy and environmental policy measures.


Transfer – Strategic axes

Raising the awareness of a wider audience and the increased transmission of our knowledge is one of the most important objectives of the e3 Hub. Our research provides us with the necessary foundation. We participate in conferences and seminars that give us the opportunity to share our research with audiences of academics and practitioners. Our publications are also oriented towards the transmission of knowledge to researchers and practitioners; they include research papers, articles published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and contributions to professional publications. We also seek to improve awareness through social media.