e3 Hub research projects offer a springboard for analyzing, understanding and documenting issues and solutions associated with managing environmental and energy challenges in the business context.

Each project is led by a team typically composed of one professor, one or more students (MSc or PhD), and representatives of one or more business partners. Projects are the subject of publications that describe, among other things, each project, its results, the knowledge acquired, and the best practices observed in partner businesses.

e3 Hub also carries out mini-projects on subjects related to its mission by compiling and presenting up-to-date knowledge on these subjects. Mini-projects can lead to more in-depth studies in the form of regular projects.

Research priorities

  • Energy efficiency investments (CAPEX): obstacles, incentives, evaluation and performance
  • Business culture and sustainable development
  • Environmental footprint measurement in transport logistics
  • Evaluation of good human resources practices for sustainable development integration
  • Innovative approaches in energy management and sustainable development
  • The social acceptability of energy projects: government, community and First Nations relationships
  • The function of sustainable development management: roles, challenges and required organizational

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